Bruce WilsonWelcome to my personal blog about what’s on my mind and on my plate. The opinions expressed here are my own, and may or may not reflect the opinions of clients, employers, or team members, past or present.

It’s neither a personal journal nor a typical professional blog because, while it’s almost entirely business-focused, it mashes-up many disciplines. I’ve worn a number of hats over the years and those hats are reflected in the focus of these posts, ranging from digital marketing, social media marketing, and social selling/employee advocacy/executive social engagement, to data analytics, machine learning, legal IT, Enterprise IT, mobile, B2B, PR, comms, leadership, and learning mechanisms for leaders and teams.

These days I’m very interested in the overlap between sales and marketing. I don’t see a bright line dividing the two, but a continuum. Everyone represents their company. Everyone’s in Sales. Everyone’s in Marketing. Different roles specialize in different things. I’m also a strong exponent of employee advocacy, social selling, and executive social engagement.

A related topic that I’m highly engaged with is the hand-off between automation, augmented by machine learning, and the human touch, as applied in marketing, sales, customer experience, and other settings.

Please reach out to me if you have any ideas you’d like to share.

– Bruce

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