Podcast: Trust, Data, and Financial Services

Episode 8 of my  podcast series, The BaDFun Podcast, is now live. Turning our attention to financial services, the title of this episode is “Changing Everything Without Breaking Anything, with Ken Chou”. Here’s the blurb:

Ken Chou podcast photo

“Welcome to Episode 8 of the BaDFun podcast. This week our guest is Ken Chou, a senior technology executive who began his career on the academic side, with a Ph.D. in digital signal processing from MIT, then was drawn to industry, where his roles included CTO for an internal startup within the global finserv giant Wells Fargo. Ken shared key takeaways from decades of technology innovation and leadership, including

  • How selecting the right architecture, oriented around loose coupling, can enable some technology functions to innovate quickly even though others need to change more slowly;
  • Why trust is the product in banking, and how that drives data classification, data quality, security, privacy, and the regulatory environment; and,
  • How both commercial and regulatory incentives drive  banks to innovate.”

Please check it out and let me know what you think. And subscribe if you want to hear more.

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