Podcast: Data and Customer Relationships

Episode 5 of my podcast series, The BaDFun Podcast, is now live. This time we focus on how business can use data to improve their customer connections. The title is “Finding the right business problems to solve using data, with Alex Brooks”. Here’s the blurb:

Alex Brooks podcast photo

“In episode 5 of the BaDFun podcast we speak with Alex Brooks. Alex is founder, leader, and rainmaker at Entreprov, a Seattle-based team of two engineers, a data scientist and a back end developer who are using data to efficiently solve the kinds of problems many small to medium sized businesses are facing, like customer segmentation tools for marketing and engagement.”

“Alex speaks about the hurdle businesses face in finding not only the right mix of technology to solve business problems, but in finding the right mix of business problems to solve, while avoiding investing in products or services that are just passing fads—unless of course the plan is to cash-out after a trend dies.”

“We talk with Alex about the minimum quantity and quality of data necessary to deliver a solution like a recommendation engine for retailers, and the expertise gap many businesses are confronted with when the opportunity for using data and AI first arises. We also talk about why businesses should start now having a conversation with their customers about privacy and ethics, including what data they’re collecting, and what they plan to do with it, in order to set reasonable boundaries for customer data, “give the customer room”, and avoid creeping customers out.”

Please check it out and let me know what you think. And subscribe if you want to hear more.

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