The BaDFun Podcast

I started a new podcast! My co-host, the talented Ben Rogojan, and I are interviewing people who are figuring out how to use data in business, so that we can share what they are learning.

Joe Heck Podcast photo

Here’s the official description:

“The BaDFun “Business and Data Fundamentals” podcast is hosted by Ben Rogojan, a data guy focused on business, and Bruce Wilson, a business guy focused on data. In each episode we interview someone making data actionable in their organization, getting an inside look at some of the strategies, successes, and false starts of working with data in business. Our goal is to discover and share the steps organizations are taking to use data more effectively in analytics, operations, products, and services, ranging across finance, retail, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, agriculture, the public sector, and beyond.”

Episode 1 is live now, featuring my friend Joe Heck (a serial entrepreneur who is now a Director at EMC because they bought his startup)—check it out. And subscribe if you like the concept.


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