Machine Learning / AI roundup for last week

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

There’s  much new goodness on the interwebs since my last machine learning and artificial intelligence roundup post (only 2 weeks ago). This isn’t by any means comprehensive, but take a quick skim and see if there’s anything you missed that’s relevant to you.

Business Uses

Recruiting / Hiring / HR: Video: Predictive Analytics for Hiring in 5 Minutes (Koru co-founder Josh Jarrett presenting at New Tech Seattle, August 8, 2017) – I saw this one live. Josh is a good presenter and the promise of his product is intriguing.

Sales: 3 Ways AI Is Upending the B2B Sales Experience (Seismic CEO Doug Winter,, August 14 2017) – Useful overview from an industry insider.

Healthcare: Google’s Machine Learning Looks to Improve Predictions in Health Care (Dan Ochwat, H& [Hospitals & Health Networks], August 8 2017)

Energy: Google enters race for nuclear fusion technology (Damian Carrington, The Guardian, July 25 2017) – This is the first time I heard the phrase “Optometrist Algorithm”—the machine learning makes suggestions to the humans, who choose what seems to them to lead to clearer vision.


Data Science Courses: Is the Galvanize Data Science Immersive worth the cost? (Various contributors to Quora, March-October 2016) – Good range of comments from actual students, some said it was ideal for them, and why, others explained why it wasn’t a good fit for their needs.

More resources

Podcast series: This Week in Machine Learning & AI Podcast (Sam Charrington and a cast of dozens…so far…, May 2016-August 2017 [also available via iTunes]) – This series comes highly recommended via my data nerd friend Joe. I binge-listened to 6-7 hours over the weekend. Highly engaging, looking at ML and AI from more of a software perspective. Lots of great interviews with the people actually implementing ML and AI. Focus on latest strategies and developments in code, and “how did we get to this point”, plus topics like startup news, processor news, platform news, sources of bias, etc.

Top 10 List: Machine Learning Top 10 Articles For the Past Month (v.August 2017) (MyBridge,, August 8 2017) – A play within a play? This list is created using machine learning.



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