It’s An AI (and Machine Learning) Thing

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AI and Machine Learning in Business and Education

I decided to share some links to a few of my favorite (mostly recent) articles and videos about #AI, aka artificial intelligence, and #ML, aka machine learning, in a post here. If anyone wants to submit additions, feel free to contribute in the comments below.

Recent overview articles about AI / Machine Learning

The Business of Artificial Intelligence / What it can — and cannot — do for your organization (Erik Brynjolfsson & Andrew McAfee, Harvard Business Review, July 2017)

Building machines that learn and think like people (Josh Tenenbaum, O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence, June 28 2017)

Video: Three Ways Businesses Use Artificial Intelligence (Tom Davenport with Allison Ryder, MIT Sloan Management Review, July 24 2017)

What Are The Differences Between AI, Machine Learning, NLP, And Deep Learning? (Dmitriy Genzel, Quora via, September 23 2016)

Business Uses for AI and ML

Agriculture: AI, machine learning blossom in agriculture and pest control (Clint Boulton,, March 22 2017)

Chatbots (for Marketing and Customer Support): 155 chatbots in this brand new landscape. Where does your bot fit? (Carylyne Chan, Venturebeat, June 26 2017)

Facility Management: VergeSense’s AI sensing hardware tackles facility management (Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch, August 4 2017)

IT Security: Google Tracks Ransomware Payments at Scale With Machine Learning (Sean Kerner, eWeek, August 1 2017)

Law (a critique): Wolters Kluwer’s “M&A Clause Analytics” (Kenneth Adams,, July 25 2017)

Marketing: #TimTalks with @SStruhl Using #ArtificialIntelligence for Marketing and Predicting Consumer Choice (Steven Struhl with Tim Hughes & Katie King, July 28 2017)

Real Estate: Zillow: Machine learning and data disrupt real estate (Michael Krigsman, ZDNet, July 30 2017)

Courses being offered in Data Science, including Machine Learning is Andrew Ng’s new series of deep learning classes on Coursera (John Mannes, TechCrunch, August 8 2017)

(A critique:) Data Science Is Not Taught At Universities – And Here Is Why (Maciek Wasiak, LinkedIn Pulse, July 26 2015)

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