Social media highlights from the Seattle Interactive Conference 2011

As a followup to my post from a couple of weeks ago, 9 timely social media and brand communication insights from SIC 2011, I put together a quick video blog post featuring just the social media highlights from last month’s Seattle Interactive Conference. I apologize in advance for the primitive tech quality, but try to think of it like pie crust, it’s better when it’s home made and looks it, right?

Here’s the video with my explanatory post on the Audienz blog, 5 social media insights from the 2011 Seattle Interactive Conference, and here’s just the video itself on YouTube:

[Updated on February 2, 2012]

How to recruit social media advocates for your business

Word Gets AroundThe bigger a business is the more admirers they’ll naturally have. Even the smallest business is going to have some genuine admirers, if only friends and family.

In social media this admiration translates into what are commonly called “advocates”, people who talk online about the business they admire. They might be customers, they might be employees, they might be unrelated folks who simply have an interest in the subject matter—they might just plain like what you do. For you the key is that they talk about you because they want to.

Advocates can help you in a number of ways, including spreading the word about what you are doing and giving you a source of feedback about your brand.

Advocates versus Influencers

Advocates shouldn’t be confused with Continue reading “How to recruit social media advocates for your business”

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